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Mind-Map with Zoom Effect

With Zoomava you can create mind map like presentations where you zoom into slides you want to talk about. The audience is more immersed and gets a better overview of the topic.

Non-linear order

With Zoomava you can define any order of slides. You can go back to previous slides at any point and blend in elements, which were previously hidden.


The appearance of the presentation can be changed with one click. There are currently 16 different styles to choose from and more styles are currently in development.

Standalone Presentation

You can export your presentation as single HTML file and can open it in any Browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.


You can export your presentations in JSON format and import them on any other computer.


Zoomava has the possibility to create charts to easily visualise data

Offline Client

Zoomava completely works offline. You do not need an account. It does not require a subscription. Your data is yours and you will never run into the situation where you cannot give your presentation because of a bad internet connection.


Zoomava works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

How it works!

Add Elements
First step is adding elements to your presentation. You can add text, images, arrows, charts and focus points.
Position Elements
You can move elements using Drag&Drop. You can rotate each element, scale its width and font size, toggle the background or bring it to the front by adjusting the layer.
Adjust Zoom of Elements
You can adjust the zoom level for each and every element.
Define Order of Elements
Last but not least you have to define the order of elements for your presentation. You can left click elements to define when to focus them or SHIFT + left click to define they should be animated.
Click play to give your presentation. You can navigate using the arrow keys. You leave the presentation using ESC.

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